Author Guildelines

Writing Format:
- Title: TNR, 14, Bold, All Caps
- Author Name: TNR, 11, Bold (without name abbreviation)
- Affiliation and Email Address: Written below the author's name

Abstract and Keywords:
- Abstract: Maximum 200 words, TNR, 11, Bold, single line spacing per paragraph. Includes research problem and objectives, research procedure, summary of results. For papers in Indonesian, the abstract must be written in both Indonesian and English.
- Keywords: Maximum 6, TNR, 11, Italic.

- No page numbers, TNR, 1.0 spacing, A4 two-column format, top and bottom margin 2.5cm, left and right margin 3cm.
- The first page includes the full title, author name, abstract, and keywords. Author affiliation and email address are written after the author's name.
- Document written in Indonesian or English. Foreign words marked with italic.

1. Introduction: TNR, 12, Bold. Includes research background, objectives, problem-solving plans, related literature review. If there is a research hypothesis, it should be based on theoretical concepts and empirical research.

2. Research Methodology: TNR, 12. Describe data collection methods, data sources, analysis methods, and how to verify the validity of the results.

3. Results and Discussion: TNR, 12. Includes research results and related discussion, theoretical and empirical analysis. Tables and graphs are presented along with their explanations.

4. Conclusion: TNR, 12. A summary of the research findings and discussion, in essay format.

5. References: TNR, 12, single line spacing per paragraph. Use a reference manager like Mendeley or Zotero, following APA format. Only include cited sources, at least 10 references (5 of which are journal articles).

Reference Examples:
- Provides various reference formats such as textbooks, translations, article collections, journal articles, conference proceedings, online journal articles, unpublished academic works, etc.

6. The manuscript should be written in English and be submitted online via the journal website. Online Submission will be charged at no cost. The author must log in to make a submission.
7. After that you can downloading the template, the authors do not need to change paper margin size, because of the size of the margin already in accordance with the standard A4 paper size
8. The author also does not remove the watermark and the footer of the article template
9. For more details please download our article template from this link "Kompetensi Template"